Law Assist Group

What Subscribers Receive from Law Assist

Subscribers to Law Assist are provided with immediate* access to exceptional legal and financial assistance, for as many times as you need them throughout the term of your subscription.

Each subscription entitles you and your family to Law Assist's legal and/or financial services.

Legal services include:

Financial services include:

Subcribers can choose to purchase either Legal or Financial services, or bundle them together for even greater savings and peace of mind. 

In Person Consultations:

In-person consultatons provide subscribers with an opportunity to meet face to face with a lawyer in their area, and discuss their pressing legal matter.

When subscribers call Law Assist they are provided with the name and phone number of a lawyer in their area who will be able to provide them with the legal counsel they need.

Telephone Consultations:

Telephone consultations are conducted over the telephone.

Once a subscriber has made an initial request for a telephonic consultation, both lawyers and financial consultants will reach out to them during 3 predetermined blocks of time as requested by the subscriber. This allows the subscriber to discuss their matter and their convenience.

* In some cases a nominal waiting period may apply to new subscrbers.