Law Assist Group

"For Benefit Providers, Member Associations and Rewards Programs, Law Assist is extremely economical. For lawyers, it is a potential new source of referrals and revenue that would otherwise not be available."

Lisa Gelman, President & Founder
Karen Kotansky, Chief Operating Officer

Join Our Network


Why join our network?

There is no cost to be a Law Assist network lawyer. Law Assists' customers are employees and members of various sponsoring organizations that provide benefits to their constituents. These are the beneficiaries to whom we provde services. Law Assist receives thousands of calls every year from beneficiaries in need of legal advice and services in all areas of law. Consequently, Law Assist is always looking for new, competent lawyers to be a part of our referral network, in order to give our clients the highest level of service available. 

Why do lawyers receive referrals?

Law Assist receives calls from beneficiaries needing legal advice and services. Law Assist refers the beneficiary to member lawyers based on location and legal specialty. Both the lawyer and the beneficiary receive an automatic notification by email, detailing particulars of the referral.

What are network lawyers' obligations?

The discount is not being paid to anybody. The Law Assist beneficiary receives the discount as part of the Law Assist benefit. Network lawyer’s who work on contingency agreements would reduce overall fees by up to 25%.  

This is a free referral service. Once a network lawyer is retained by a Law Assist beneficiary, the relationship with Law Assist ends, and you treat the Law Assist beneficiary like any other client. 

We do, however, offer Elite Membership opportunities - in limited numbers - which are designed to deliver the optimum number of referrals you wish to receive.

Please note: network lawyers may cancel enrollment with Law Assist at any time. 

For more information about Law Assist and how to become a network lawyer, please fill out the request form located at the bottom of the page or call us at 866-632-1080 or (416) 342-1080.