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Law Assist provides legal referrals to employees/clients/members of EAP Providers, Insurance Companies, Member Associations and/or Affinity/Incentive Rewards Program Providers. These are the beneficiaries of Law Assist's services. Law Assist does not directly provide legal services, Law Assist provides beneficiaries with a lawyer in their geographical area, specializing in the area of law in need. Law Assist strives to make the beneficiary's experience easy, quick and effective.   

The Benefits

Beneficiaries' legal matters, matter to you - whether you're an employer, benefit provider or loyalty program marketer. 

Whatever the legal issue, legal matters can be time consuming, worrisome and stressful. All of them are distracting. As an employer, this can lower your organizations' productivity and can cost each employer up to 10% of their payroll budget.*

As a benefit provider, you can offer your constituents greater peace of mind knowing that their legal concerns can be addressed quickly.

By providing Law Assist as a part of your overall benefit package, you are effectively helping to reduce stress and provide much needed assistance to association members and employees – an invaluable resource.

* © 2005 Financial Literacy Partners, LLC

The best legal advice for the best price.

With more than 8,000 exceptionally qualified, experienced and credentialed lawyers, practicing in all areas of law throughout North America, Law Assist provides sound legal advice concerning any matter, large or small. More than this, Law Assist beneficiaries are entitled to free consultations, either by telephone or in person and discounts on the lawyers’ regular hourly rates, if they retain their services.

Always on call. Always available. Always confidential.

No matter what day, no matter what time, Law Assist will answer the call and provide each beneficiary with an appropriate legal referral. Law Assist staffs an in-house customized call centre with fully bilingual customer service representatives. 85% of all calls are answered within 5 seconds.    

Beneficiaries can receive legal assistance the very next day. 

In addition to an excellent emergency, disaster and redundancy plan, and guarantee of confidentiality and privacy, Law Assist maintains a custom designed, state of the art, software system.

Competent. Compassionate. Credible.

Law Assist associates are highly qualified, experienced and credentialed professionals. They are comprised of lawyers, financial consultants, law clerks and dedicated customer service representatives. All have undergone extensive training to listen and respond effectively to each beneficiary inquiry.

The Added Benefits

Financial services. 

In addition to connecting individuals to sound legal counsel, Law Assist refers beneficiaries to quality financial consultants across Canada. Law Assist beneficiaries receive full access to consultants’ advice on all financial matters including but not limited to: financial planning, debt counseling, credit counseling, tax and accounting.

Complete coverage for just pennies a day. 

Law Assist is nimble. We can customize any program to meet your requirements and budget; align with your current benfits plan or function as a stand alone service -- and all for just pennies a day per beneficiary! 

At Law Assist we have a track record of providing our clients and our beneficiaries with impeccable customer service. We are constantly recruiting to assure quality representation for beneficiaries throughout North America.