Law Assist Group

Our Vision and Values

Law Assist is one of North America's largest legal benefit plans. It connects beneficiaries to quality legal counsel throughout the continent with a single phone call.

Our Vision
To provide clients with innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation, and a dedication to the highest quality customer service.

Our Values
To achieve our vision at Law Assist, we abide by our enduring core values that are the foundation of our business. Law Assist’s corporate culture is an important factor in the company’s success. Central to this culture are our values: Integrity, Competent, Adaptable, Responsive, and Empathetic, summarized by the acronym

They provide us with guidance for our daily work as we seek to provide top notch quality service.

Integrity – Our customer service representatives (CSRs) respect our clients and are always honest with them, holding their best interests at heart.
Competent – Our CSRs have the knowledge and experience that properly qualify them to
provide customer service in a professional manner.

Adaptable – Our CSRs are flexible and will bend over backwards for our clients in order to 
provide the highest level of quality customer service.

Responsive – Our CSRs are always available to speak with our clients, responding readily and compassionately to them.
Empathetic – Our CSRs warmheartedly identify with our clients, and they respect their clients' thoughts and feelings.