Law Assist Group

Features of Law Assist's Telephone Financial Consultation Services

By joining Law Assist's telephone financial consultation network, you will:

Once an enrolled Law Assist beneficiary contacts the Law Assist call centre, a Customer Service Representative will collect the beneficiary's pertinent information and tracking details.

Based on the intake discussion, beneficiaries will then be offered financial assistance based on their unique individual needs.

Our Customer Service Representatives track all referrals and ensure that beneficiaries are called according to their requests and established financial needs.

The intake form will be assigned to a financial consultant, based on the area of finance requested, geographical location and their expressed call back times.

Calls to beneficiaries will occur within one of the three indicated windows of time (usually over three business days), however Law Assist is proud to maintain an 80% success rate of connecting with beneficiaries during the first call back window.

This process as well as the service level response protocols will be clearly explained to the beneficiary at the time of their intake call.

A financial consultant will then telephone the beneficiary during identified call back times and complete their consultation. 

During the consultation, financial consultants will help the beneficiary identify the financial issues involved in their matter, work with the beneficiary to identify available options; assist the beneficiary in determining their best option(s), including supplemental referrals (if necessary).

In certain emergencies, a beneficiary may be immediately directed to a financial consultant for consultation.

For more information about Law Assist and our Telephone Financial Consultation Services, please fill out the request form located at the bottom of the page.