Law Assist Group

Features of Law Assist's In Person Legal Consultation Services

By joining Law Assist's in person legal consultation network, you will:

The Law Assist call centre retrieves the beneficiary’s pertinent information including geographic location and area of law involved in this current matter.

The Law Assist Customer Service Representative gives the beneficiary the name of a network lawyer. In this case, the Customer Service Representative matches the beneficiary to a lawyer based on postal code lookup, area of law, and other parameters as defined by the beneficiary.

The beneficiary then contacts the assigned lawyer at his/her convenience to book an in person consultation.

In certain emergencies, a beneficiary may be immediately directed to a lawyer for consultation.

Once the initial call between the Law Assist Customer Service Representative and the beneficiary is complete, the beneficiary and the lawyer will both receive an email confirmation (with the beneficiary’s permission) within sixty (60) seconds, outlining the general information that characterizes the legal matter.

The beneficiary then meets with the lawyer for a free, 30 minute, in person consultation (sometimes conducted over the phone, if mutually agreeable). After the consultation, the beneficiary may choose to retain that same lawyer to provide legal services. When this occurs, the lawyer will provide legal services to the beneficiary at a discounted rate of up to 25% off the lawyer’s regular hourly fees.

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