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We are so happy to relate that feedback from current members of Law Assists' Elite Membership Program has been overwhelmingly positive; so much so that we have expanded the program.

The Elite Membership Program is designed to deliver to you the optimum number of referrals you wish to receive.

Memberships are based on geographic location and per area of law.

We are pleased to let you know that there are still a limited number of memberships available in certain areas of the country, and only in specific areas of law. In addition, we have convenient payment options, including full payment discounts on Gold and Silver memberships*.

The membership levels are as follows:

GOLD – Members will receive the highest percentage of the total number of referrals in their geographic area(s), and in their area(s) of law

SILVER – Members will receive substantially more referrals in their geographic area(s), and in their area(s) of law than non-participating lawyers and Bronze members.

BRONZE – Members will be placed on our priority listing for their area(s) of law in their geographic area(s), receiving more referrals than non-participating lawyers.

Please note that Silver memberships are not always available in every geographic area.

If you would like to find out more about membership availability,  explore a membership in your geographic area  and in your area of expertise, please contact Karen Kotansky, Chief Operating Officer at (416) 342-1080 or via email at

*Only applies to Silver & Gold Memberships



24 hours a day and 7 days a week, any lawyer or financial consultant in Canada who wishes to join our roster of already exceptional professionals, can visit our website and let us know about their interest. We are always looking to enhance our roster, so if you or any of your colleagues know someone that you believe might be interested in joining Law Assist, please don’t hesitate to have them supply their contact information online and we will gladly follow up with them. Alternatively they can simply send us an email.



If you are interested in exploring advertising opportunities with Law Assist for any one of our communication vehicles or website, please call Gabe Meranda at 1-866-632-1080 of via email.