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Out of Office
Seems like just a few weeks ago we were making plans to take some time off, spend some time with family and soak up as much rest and relaxation as possible. With the summer just around the corner, Law Assist would like to gently remind everyone to please communicate those times you will be out of office for any prolonged periods of time. Managing client’s expectations around accessibility and/or progress on their file(s), will help to minimize confusion and frustration.


For clients, one of the most attractive elements of the Law Assist program is knowing that services provided to them is subject to a discount of up to 25%. As you are preparing your itemized invoices for regular distribution, please be sure to indicate the quantum of the discount accurately and clearly on the bill. This will help make it easier for clients to understand how the discount was applied to their matter.


Refusing Referrals

At any time throughout the year, if you know that you will not be able to accept a referral due to vacation, workload or conflict, please let Law Assist know immediately so that we can manage the client’s expectations and ensure that an alternative referral can be made.


Law Assist Elite Membership Program

We are proud to have successfully completed our 3rd successful year of the Law Assist Elite Membership Program. Members enrolled in the program have provided high praise for the Read Moreservice and the value they place on receiving Law Assist referrals. They continue to reaffirm their satisfaction by renewing their membership(s) year over year. There are a limited number of memberships available in certain areas of law and in select cities. If you would like to learn more about membership opportunities and/or enroll, please contact Karen Kotansky via email or phone, (416) 342-1080 or toll free at (866) 632-1080.


Linda Hogan

For the past several years now, you have all come to know and work with Law Assists’ Operations Supervisor, Linda Hogan. Linda has been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to take some time now to go and explore the world with her fiancé. As such May 6th marks Linda’s last day with us and we are going to miss her dearly. We hope you will join us in thanking Linda for her dedication to Law Assist and echo our best wishes to her and her future husband.


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CSR Spotlight - Shauna Burke

From time to time, we like to better acquaint you with the Customer Service Representatives at Law Assist. Who are those people on the other end of the phone? In this issue, we find out a bit more about Shauna Burke, now the senior serving CSR representing Ireland.

Law AssistHow long have you been with Law Assist?

Shauna Burke: I started in Law Assist in November 2014. It was my first permanent job sense making the big move to Canada.

LA - What role do you primarily play at Law Assist?

SB - My main focus is to ensure that customers are receiving support and that the EAP is happy with the service being offered. 

LA - What is your favourite part of your job?

SB - I enjoy the challenge and problem solving involved with every unique situation; My favourite part is the responsibility and the approach which is necessary for me to deliver the information that management relies upon to reach the ultimate goal.

LA - What brought you to Canada and when did you arrive?

SB – I moved to Canada in October 2014. My love for travel and exploring gave me the itch to see North America. Toronto stood out as it is still quiet close to home whenever I want to visit and for people visiting me. I also wanted to grow and develop my career and Toronto seemed like a good place to start.

LA - What is one new “Canadian” thing/Canadian-ism that you have learned during your time in the country?

SB - Canadian’s are very friendly and polite which is one thing I noticed when I first moved here and always curious when they hear an accent. It was great to come to a country that is so welcoming and the people are so helpful. It is a nice comfort when leaving your family and your friends behind.  Although I still haven’t figured out when to use ‘eh’, I am working on it. I think it is a great saying and goes well with my accent. One of the unusual things I came across sense moving to Canada is bags of milk. It still shocks me that milk comes in bags.